Codex Vitae — the Book of Life

The goal of this document is to take a snapshot of my beliefs and note them changing over time. This will help to understand myself, learn who I am and note the difference between my beliefs and the way I live everyday life. This all motivates me to change according to my beliefs or change beliefs.
This document becomes more interesting over time, because my beliefs transform, disappear and get born. In addition, this document is always old and does not correspond to reality, because every second of life changes my beliefs.
Some of my beliefs will be proven wrong. Some of them won’t. It’s life and I’m ready to take it. I am opened to change my beliefs and accept new beliefs if there is a true evidence for me to do so.


1. Instruction
2. Beliefs about reality
3. My beliefs about spiritual and supernatural
4. My beliefs about science, politics, society and universe
5. My beliefs about myself
6. Beliefs on how I should live
7. Beliefs about the future


  • Read the document as often as possible to learn it almost by heart
  • Edit this document as soon as any of the beliefs change
  • Review this documents shortly every month and deeply every birthday on the 26th of September.

Beliefs about reality

  • I believe that human brain deceives itself.
  • I believe that there are 5 spheres that enclose my mind:
    • other people
    • god
    • technology
    • my body
    • society
  • All my beliefs, thoughts, feeling and behavior is a result of cognitive prejudices.
  • I believe that IQ does not correlate with wrong decisions due to cognitive prejudices.
  • The more people know about how their brain works, the more they think that they make right decisions. This makes us incapable to see our cognitive prejudices.
  • I believe that feeling is knowledge about changes in the world. I can’t feel what doesn’t change.
  • Free will is an illusion, though I want to save the idea of it.
  • Altruism is an illusion, generosity is not.
  • I believe that heart, intuition, soul, felling, body etc. help me learn about the world as well as rationality.
  • I believe that we all build the model of the Universe in our minds and convince ourselves that this model is a real world. 
  • I believe humans can change their habits and behavior over time, but this takes a lot of power and time, which is often irrational.
  • Most of the time we don’t change ourselves, though we are changed by the environment. I believe that those, who think otherwise are deceived by the perception of “I am a center of the Universe.”
  • I believe that love exists.
  • Soulmates exist.
  • I believe that emotional state depends on environment, food, physical condition and life events.

My beliefs about spiritual and supernatural

  • We all are going to die.
  • Remembering about death helps to improve the quality of life.
  • I don’t have any pre-set goal in life, though I can create one for me.
  • My goal is to enjoy the time I have on the Earth.
  • I believe that the life is already lost. The only way to enjoy it is to be thankful for what left for me.
  • I believe there is no soul as a separated particle from the physical body.
  • There are no magic and miracles.
  • There are no gods of any organized religion.
  • Intention can not create a reality.
  • There is no heaven, hell, and any other upper world.
  • Humanity doesn’t have any special meaning.
  • I believe that people have too little control over what they believe in.
  • I believe that people become more kind and intelligent without religion.

My beliefs about science, politics, society and universe

  • Progress is the connection of people, thoughts and ideas.
  • Moral life becomes standard, because such a state allows us to learn more about the world and connect with people and to achieve more. Separated people perish.
  • Religion divides people by creating barriers that is opposite of progress.
  • In spite of the limited information, I believe that the truth exists and can be achieved. I believe that truth can be achieved through honest study of evidence.
  • Vaccination is good for children and society.
  • Gay marriages should be allowed everywhere.
  • Abortions should be allowed everywhere.
  • Euthanasia should be allowed everywhere.
  • Imprisonment is a way to protect society, not a way of punishment.
  • Drugs should be legal everywhere.
  • The possession of weapons must be limited.
  • Inviolability should be completely removed.
  • Free access to education and knowledge.
  • Any form of the comparative evaluation school system is evil.
  • Guaranteed free medicine provided to everyone.
  • None should be forced to do something out of the free will.
  • Man can’t be forced to pay alimony and help grow a child if he noted his unwillingness to have babies to the woman, but she decided to give a birth on her own.
  • Politics perishes when people are connected and have a technology to take free will decisions.
  • I believe in science, though it can’t explain everything but it can prove when something is false.
  • We probably live in simulation.
  • There are other dimensions and universes.
  • Macro and micro evolution is real.
  • Big Bang happened not once and will happen many more times.
  • Nothing in the universe is faster than the light.
  • Humans brain can’t understand the universe.
  • Aliens exist, but we will not meet their naturally evolved form, but cyborgs or robots they make.
  • People never contacted Aliens and otherwise.
  • There’s no time travel back and forth.

My beliefs about myself

  • I believe that I have many cognitive prejudices and I can’t take fully rational decisions.
  • I don’t have any prejudices on gender and sexual orientation.
  • I like people who look good over those who don’t look good.
  • I have uncontrolled hatred to the expression of influence and control.
  • I have a strong automatic reaction of fear for weapons and military (police).
  • I believe that I have melancholic state of mind due to the environment I grew up in.
  • I love mistakes. I admit that I made false judgments and made the wrong decisions — I just can not even know what was wrong. Therefore, I do not humiliate and forbid anyone to express and live on their principles simply because they came to a different conclusion than me.

Beliefs on how I should live

  • I strive to understand who I truly am and what I want to do.
  • I have to know what I believe in.
  • I have to stick to my words.
  • I should avoid self-regret.
  • I should not shame for myself.
  • I should avoid suffering from competition.
  • I have to build plans for a week, a month, a year, and more to build my future.
  • I should plan my time to increase it’s quality to have:
    • Good time with job I want to do.
    • Good time with myself and ideas, things I like.
    • Good time with people I want to have close ties.
  • I have to make a better presentation of myself. I-brand.
  • I should understand that the way I live is the result of my beliefs.
  • I should control my physical and emotional health.
  • I should sleep regularly.
  • I should do sport, gain weight and muscle mass.
  • I must take responsibility for what matters to me, even if I can not completely control it.
  • I believe that age, gender, social position and education can not be the basis for greater respect or some kind of benefits.

Beliefs about the future

  • Computers will build better computers than people. I hope we will achieve singularity in my lifespan.
  • Technology will ultimately destroy all human institutions.
  • In the end, people will combine with computers.
  • People who agree to destroy a certain part of humanity and abandon privacy and some individual rights will survive the singularity.
  • Space travel would start the next era of colonialism.

Updated: 2 October 2017