Ways to clean Inbox and uncluttered life

clean inbox philosophy

I have a principle: Clean Inbox.

Inbox is a list of tasks, unread letters, grocery list, list of problems, unclosed tabs in a browser, opened apps in-tray, etc.

They distract you, eat your creative energy, waste human potential and inhibit the rotation of the Earth.

The Inbox must be cleaned. We have two ways:

1. Remove all at once

Select all letters and remove, close all tabs in a browser, delete all unfinished lists. Frightened? I am. Though, if there was something important in one letter, people will find another way to contact me, or they’ll send it once more. If not, it wasn’t important.

2. Work through little by little

Open the first tab and work though it. Finished? Then close it and open the next. Open the first letter, write your answer, then open the next. Quietly, step by step, little by little. Soon you’ll discover that cleaned your inbox. You’re great!

I recommend the second way.

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