How to live in a world full of distractions

I love reading. I read hundreds of books and articles a year. Also, I love music. My Spotify playlists consist of about 8K songs. Pushed by the nature of the ever-wanting-more brain, I can’t leave out any information that interests me, but I find this distraction and not useful.

Now I want to share 3 simple ideas on how to eliminate distractions and focus on what works best for you.

  1. Focus on specific topics of long-term interest in your life. My philosophy of life determines this for me.
  2. Build “trusted source” lists, with a visual element, and spend most of your time there. I tried many tools to build a trusted list of sources. Now I use Pocket and Feedly. 
  3. Mine out the morsels of information you find most valuable. I save all information in Evernote, which is my second brain. 

Just that simple but requires years of practice. Or just a couple of days to break bad habits of a distracted mind.

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