I have created a plan to develop my strength of will

Every big achievement starts with a constant, everyday work.

This tremendous work has its roots in a grit.

Grit’s pillar is a strength of will.

To develop strength of will I have to start with my brain, find out what lives there. Taking a brush and soap, and cleaning everything up to achieve a state of clearness, calmness, and confidence.  I have to root out the negative thoughts, fears, social standards, biases, and false assumptions.

That’s hard. You can’t control your mind without controlling your body. Your mind will easily cheat you to get what it wants. Thus, I’m starting with my body. I have to prove that I control my life, my body, and my brain.

In Serbian, word “life” is “живот”, which is “stomach” in Belarusian and Ukrainian. This wordgame reminds us that life starts from the stomach, which is generally true.

I want to start controlling my life by controlling my stomach.

I will fast.

This year I’ll join Muslims who fast during the Ramadan. I’m not a Muslim, but I think it would mentally support me — millions of people will feel the same as I will. I will not eat or drink anything during the sunlight.

To prepare me for this challenge, I will occasionally fast one day a week until the start of Ramadan.

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