How to spend less on impulsive purchases

I used to have a habit to buy spontaneously. Anytime when I went to the store I might like something and bought it without much consideration. Money was spent on bullshit, large amounts flew to an unknown destination. I did not like it. I decided to spend less on impulsive purchases.

To prevent this from happening again, I made a list in Evernote. To be exact, I made two lists: for stuff to buy and educational stuff to buy. Anytime I see something worthy or cool, the inner voice whispers: “let’s buy”, the brain in turn says: “stop, put it on the list.” Then I’m putting a thing on the list.

When I want to please myself, I open the list and choose a gift. The system works flawlessly.

Organizing stuff to buy in Evernote

My “to buy” educational stuff list in Evernote

And the moral is this: if you want to buy something, put it on the list and wait.

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