Text playlist: text to reread as music to listen

Majority of creative folks that I know keep a file, a folder or a tool like Trello/Pocket where they gather inspirational works, images, text and other scraps. In fact, people make blogs just for that. This blog is not an exclusion.
I often find myself sharing my music playlists with friends and colleagues, as I listen to the music extensively and the list grows fast. People usually try it out and get stick to it. I personally like that, because of the feeling of being a sort of a radio station.
Not long ago I stumbled upon the idea of writing playlist and realized that I need it. Frank Chimero writes about the text playlist:

It’s made of the best writing on the web I come across. I take this list and revisit and reread it every 4 to 8 weeks. You could almost consider it a playlist of text: it’s very select (I artificially limit it to 10-15 articles), I typically read them all in one sitting, and the order and pacing is very purposeful. It’s almost a pep talk in text form. I visit it when I’m down, when I’m lazy, when I’m feeling the inertia take over.

That’s simple to do and follow the rule: whenever I’m feeling uninspired, reread a handful of things that remind me, ground me, reframe and reposition me, sometimes frighten me frankly, back into or out of where I was.
I have websites, articles, posters, quotes, letters, notes, photos, and books of this sort. Why hide this? I want to present you with my text playlist of the end of October 2017.

  1. The Purpose of Life is to Be a Nobody by Zat Rana
  2. Kaleidoscope Thinking: How to Think Faster and More Clearly by Taylor Pearson
  3. 10 Habits That Change Boys Into Men by Benjamin Hardy
  4. How to Gamify Your Life to Quickly Accomplish Big Goals by Benjamin Hardy
  5. Antifragile Planning: Optimizing for Optionality (without Chasing Shiny Objects) by Taylor Pearson
  6. I Was Wrong About Speed Reading: Here are the Facts by Scott H. Young
  7. Develop Mental Toughness by Ralph Jean-Paul
  8. You May Be Strong… But Are You Tough? by Khaled Allen
  9. Effective learning: 20 rules of formatting knowledge by Piotr Wozniak
  10. The 4 Disciplines of Execution by Alok Ranjan

The idea of Text Playlists grew to the project. Read all of the posts here.

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