Block shitty people and stop caring about their opinion

Why you should block people on Social Networks and stop caring about their opinion.

You should block people you don’t like because:

  1. they will sit quietly. You should silence people who don’t have a right to have opinion but trying to impose it  to others. The right to speech is granted to those who proved their words mean something. If they try to humiliate or underestimate somebody’s value with their speech, it’s better for them to be silenced in advance.
  2. you should not care what cheap people think about you and your work. Wouldn’t you care about the opinion of an empty plastic bag from Walmart? It’s just unnecessary in my room and I throw it away. The same applies to your online pages. This is like my room, this is my personal space. If I don’t need something, I throw it away.
  3. you become free, when you feel that other opinions don’t have any weight upon you. Your opinion is the only right. Your way of life is the only right. You propagandize self-development and movement forward. You despise degradation and look at the supporters of stability with a smile of disrespect. Thus, if they come and challenge your opinion, they engage in self-justification and cherish their own weakness and failure. Don’t allow this to happen at your expense. If they argue with you, then only with the goal of improving something.

I fall apart even with old friends with no regrets for bad humor or some kind of shit about a stray dog. It’s like kill a fucking  cockroach with a click on the wall.

You may feel sorry to block people and friends. This means that you need to change something. I wrote this record so that many of you would take an example and get rid of unnecessary crappy people without regret. Remember that if you make shitty opinions silenced and regretted about this it, then it’s not bad that you did it, but it’s bad that you regret about it.