What is your philosophy of life and why?

I think many people get this question wrong. If you ask people about this question, they would talk what they do, what principles they follow, what lessons of life they learned, and what quotes they like. It can be anything, but not philosophy.

Philosophy of life is the reason you wake up in the morning.

Life philosophy answers what are you trying to get out of your life.

This means that your life philosophy is so interesting and important that it organizes a great deal of your waking activity. Most mid-level and low-level goals are, in some way or another, related to that ultimate goal.

I worked on my life philosophy for several months and came up with the following:

“Well-being through mindfulness. Helping people lead healthier, happier lives and develop professionally.”

A clear, well-defined philosophy gives me the guidelines and boundaries that keep me on track during the hardest moments of life. And it is not that well written for the quote or to inspire others. It is just enough to help me eliminate distractions and work on my goals.

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